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How to find an online bookmaker

The market of legal online bookmakers is gradually growing: by the beginning of 2019, 16 companies received the legal right to accept bets over the Internet in Kenya, and their number is periodically increasing. How to choose a bookmaker and by what criteria to evaluate it? Let us focus on several factors that are of utmost importance when choosing a bookmaker's office.

We will not sort the criteria for choosing a bookmaker by importance: someone is primarily interested in the experience of other players, someone cares about the availability of bonuses, someone will be ready to put up with disadvantages for the sake of high odds. Each criterion mentioned here will be the most important for someone, so their order can be considered random, and one should pay attention only to the characteristics themselves.

Bookmaker Popularity

How to understand which bookmaker is more popular? You can read the reviews of bookmakers. The disadvantage of this method is that people write bad things more often and more readily, which can disrupt (sometimes significantly) the objectivity of the overall picture. Nevertheless, if the same thing is repeated in many reviews, you can form an idea of the main advantages and disadvantages of the company.

You can also read complaints about bookmakers, which betting enthusiasts leave on specialized sites. It is important to pay attention not so much to the existence of complaints (players have all sorts of complaints to all companies), as to whether the bookmaker is willing to listen to them and satisfy the players' claims. It's easy to do this on Melbet: we choose a bookmaker from the general list, go to his review page (the "Read more" button), and scroll down to the "Complaints" section. Here you can see both the total number of complaints and the number of those which the bookmaker (although assisted by our site) satisfied or not satisfied.

The easiest way to understand which Kenya bookmakers are most in-demand is to look at the People's Rating of Bookmakers, compiled by the players themselves. The more Melbet users click "I play" opposite the bookmaker's name, the more popular it is considered to be. For the objectivity of this rating, there is a special voting system. Of course, the overall popularity figure is more of a "hospital average" than an objective criterion. However, at least two reasons are proving that the criterion is important. First, if the majority chooses a certain bookmaker, there is a reason for this. Second, there is nothing more objective than the choice of a real player who has not just made that choice but continues to play with a particular bookmaker.

Bookmaker reliability

Bookmaker reliability is traditionally considered one of the main criteria for choosing a bookmaker, but this criterion is subjective: someone plays on the same site for several years and does not know, and someone with the same bookmaker almost immediately arises disagreements for various reasons. First and foremost, bookmakers are considered to be reliable if they pay out all honest winnings without any problems and if they strictly follow their own betting rules.

Pay attention! The rules for calculating bets and paying winnings are given on the website of each Kenya online bookmaker, and you should read them even before placing a bet - this allows you to avoid various claims to the bookmaker's office in many cases.

To find out which Kenya companies can be considered the most reliable, and which do not have this characteristic, Melbet has developed a Bookmaker Reliability Rating. The position of each company in it is calculated with the help of a special formula, taking into account the main indices necessary to determine reliability

For this rating to be as objective as possible, it takes into account the total number of complaints about each company, the ratio of resolved and unsolved disputes, and the popularity of this bookmaker among the players.